Seaport Property Watch, LLC primary objective is to provide our clients solutions along with peace of mind for their real estate investment in any market condition. We are an insured and bonded company offering a variety of home watch and property management services focusing on three types along the Connecticut & Rhode Island shoreline:

Home Watch- Our Concierge service is geared towards the waterfront or vacation/second homeowner who is extremely busy and could use a hand. Together we can design a package specifically built around the needs of the client.

Leasing- Our leasing team offers our clients revenue streams with little effort required on their part.

Property Management- Our property managers work with large commercial owners, multi-family owners, Associations, Boards, and homeowners to achieve their goals in real time by offering a complete real estate service.

SPW is able to move incredibly fast because of our team members ability to understand and utilize tomorrow's technology today in everything we do.

Allow Seaport Property Watch to custom tailor a plan that will meet your needs whether you are a homeowner of a second home, an Association or board, or simply want to lease property as an owner or tenant. Thanks for checking us out!

Our Mission: Provide real estate owners alternative solutions to selling their property through the utilization of full service or concierge service property management.